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The year 2001 heralded big adjustments for Fiorentina, since the horrible point out of the club's funds was disclosed: they were being unable to pay wages and experienced debts of about US$50 million. The club's owner, Vittorio Cecchi Gori, was able to boost some more money, but even this shortly proved to become insufficient means to sustain the club. Fiorentina have been relegated at the conclusion of the 2001–02 time and went into judicially-managed administration in June 2002.

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A.C. Fiorentina S.p.A. was not able to sign up for 2002–03 Serie B on account of fiscal troubles, and afterwards the athletics title was transferred to a new enterprise because of report fifty two of N.O.I.F., whilst the old organization was liquidated. At the moment the club was intensely relying on windfall profit from marketing players, particularly in pure participant swap or money plus participant swap that probably increased the associated fee by the increase in amortisation of player contracts (an intangible property). one example is, Marco Rossi joined Fiorentina for 17 billion lire in 2000, but at the same time Lorenzo Collacchioni moved to Salernitana for 1 billion lire, this means the club experienced a player gain of 997 million lire and further one billion lire to generally be amortised in five-many years.

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it absolutely was quickly transformed to a very stylised fleur-de-lis, always crimson, and often even without the white area. the most typical image, adopted for around 20 years, were a white lozenge Using the flower within. throughout the period they were being Italian champions, the lozenge disappeared and the flower was overlapped Along with the scudetto.

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