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Tradition has it that Fiorentina received their purple package by error immediately after an accident washing the previous crimson and white coloured kits from the river.

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Even with having fun with a fantastic year and finishing in fourth position, Fiorentina were being relegated the next 12 months, Whilst they'd return promptly to Serie A. In 1941, they received their initially Coppa Italia, though the workforce have been struggling to Create on their own accomplishment throughout the forties on account of earth War II as well as other troubles. First scudetto and '50–'60s[edit]

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during the 2009–10 time, Fiorentina commenced their domestic campaign strongly prior to steadily dropping momentum and slipped to mid-table positions at the latter half of the year. In Europe, the crew proved to become a surprise darkish horse: soon after dropping their very first away fixture versus Lyon, they staged a comeback using a five-match streak by profitable all their remaining matches (including defeating Liverpool house and away). The Viola certified as group champions, but eventually succumbed to Bayern Munich due to absent objectives rule.

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