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In 1993, even so, Cecchi Gori died and was succeeded as chairman by his son, Vittorio. Regardless of a superb start to the period, Cecchi Gori fired the mentor, Luigi Radice, after a defeat versus Atalanta,[six] and replaced him with Aldo Agroppi. the outcomes had been dreadful: Fiorentina fell into the bottom 50 percent on the standings and were relegated on the final working day on the year.

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Fiorentina played nicely prediksi m city vs chelsea in 2000–01 and stayed in the very best fifty percent of Serie A, despite the resignation of Terim and also the arrival of Roberto Mancini. In addition they won the Coppa Italia for the sixth and previous time.

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In the 2009–ten season, Fiorentina commenced their domestic marketing campaign strongly in advance of steadily shedding momentum and slipped to mid-desk positions at the latter 50 percent of your year. In Europe, the staff proved to become a shock darkish horse: immediately after getting rid of their initial absent fixture against Lyon, they staged a comeback by using a five-match streak by winning all their remaining matches (like defeating Liverpool dwelling and away). The Viola skilled as team champions, but eventually succumbed to Bayern Munich as a result of away targets rule.

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