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In 1993, nevertheless, Cecchi Gori died and was succeeded as chairman by his son, Vittorio. Irrespective of a great begin to the period, Cecchi Gori fired the coach, Luigi Radice, following a defeat in opposition to Atalanta,[six] and replaced him with Aldo Agroppi. the outcome ended up dreadful: Fiorentina fell into The underside 50 % of your standings and had been relegated on the final working day on the season.

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following a tough start and 3 seasons in reduce leagues, Fiorentina arrived at the Serie A in 1931. that very same year saw the opening of The brand new stadium, originally named immediately after Giovanni Berta, a popular fascist, but now called Stadio Artemio Franchi. At time, the stadium was a masterpiece of engineering, and its inauguration was monumental. To be able to contend with the most beneficial teams in Italy, Fiorentina strengthened their group with a few new players, notably the Uruguayan Pedro Petrone, nicknamed el Artillero.

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this way of individual bankruptcy (athletics firms cannot particularly are unsuccessful in this manner in Italy, but they will go through an analogous treatment) meant that the club was refused a place in Serie B with the 2002–03 time, and Therefore effectively ceased to exist. Della Valle period: from your fourth tier to European competitions within the 2000s and 2010s[edit]

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